Recursive link traversal in JIRA with ScriptRunner

The latest release of ScriptRunner for JIRA Standard contains an exciting new feature – the ability to traverse issue links recursively. ScriptRunner for JIRA is a powerful add-on. It automates your JIRA experience and adds extremely useful features and functions. … Continued

Link traversal with JQL using ScriptRunner for JIRA Standard

What’s happening with ScriptRunner

Like a lot of its users, we think ScriptRunner is awesome. Since we brought its creator, Jamie Echlin, into the Adaptavist family in December 2014 we’ve only become more impressed with what it can do. And we’re very excited for … Continued

Video: How are people using ScriptRunner for JIRA?

Mirroring Github to Stash behind the firewall

Many teams rely on GitHub for server builds and infrastructure management. But have you thought about what happens if GitHub is unreliable or unavailable? At Adaptavist we make heavy use of Puppet. It’s great for automating everything from building Bamboo … Continued

Mirroring GitHub to Stash