Announcement: Retirement of 11 Add-ons

Adaptavist will be retiring 11 of its Atlassian Add-Ons as of 26th August 2014. This decision has been taken where the functionality has been superceded or incorporated into the host Atlassian product or where integration has become too difficult to … Continued

Maximising Confluence cache effectiveness

Fine-tuning your cache management is often a trade-off between performance and memory usage. These hints and tips – thing I wish I’d known when I started working with Confluence – will show you how to achieve optimum efficiency. The beauty … Continued

Maximising your Confluence cache effectiveness

Managing Confluence plugins

Finding macros, integrating multimedia content and now managing your plugins. This is the third in a series of blogs about my 5 top tips on how to make life with Confluence run as smoothly as possible – and they’re all … Continued

Managing Confluence plugins