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What's new in JIRA 5? Upgrade and connect people, activity and systems to help build better software

Feb 22, 2012 12:26

JIRA 5 is the latest version of Atlassian's platform for software development. It helps you to connect people, activity and systems to build great software.

What's new in JIRA 5?

Social features

JIRA 5 has two new ways to bring people into a conversation: sharing and mentions. JIRA already has email notifications built-in, but now you can simply mention someone in a comment to request their participation without having to compose an email separately. However, if you don't need their participation but rather want to send a broadcast-style 'FYI' to people and teams who might want a heads up, you can now use the Share button instead. You can even share issues with email addresses outside of your JIRA instance!

Enhanced Activity streams & Systems integration

Activity streams are the best way to follow what's happening real-time on JIRA issues and projects. JIRA 5 activity streams show external activity from linked Atlassian applications (like Confluence, FishEye, Crucible and Bamboo), which means you can see Confluence page updates, Bamboo build information and source activity all in a single stream! New integrations extend this further to external apps like Zephyr, Enterprise Tester, Zendesk, Assistly and Box. You can also link JIRA issues to any number of items, or to issues in another JIRA instance and see dynamic updates within the issue. The new integrations let you link JIRA issues to discussion topics in Get Satisfaction, customer records in Salesforce and pages in Confluence. This means that you can keep development in tune with the rest of your organisation seamlessly.

Stable API and new REST API

JIRA 5 makes it easier for everyone to consume and develop plugins with two huge announcements around APIs: a better, stable Java API, and a brand new REST API. This means that users, administrators, and plugin developers can all rest assured that JIRA 5.0 compatible plugins will continue to work as expected with JIRA 5.x releases. 100+ plugins are already compatible on JIRA 5.0 today and will continue to work on 5.1 and beyond, without any updates! JIRA 5's REST API gives you a new way to work with issues and applications remotely - including all the possible ways to search for and work with issues and their related objects. This REST API inserts events into the JIRA activity streams and the dynamic remote issue links.

Let us help you upgrade to JIRA 5

The improvements in JIRA 5 better connect the tools developers and other teams use to help software development stay connected to the rest of the organisation and even to end users. Sharing and mentions make it easy to bring others into the conversation. We can help you take full advantage of these improvements and upgrade your JIRA instance with our Upgrade Assistance service.

We've been involved in hundreds of upgrades and know the pitfalls and problems that can occur. Important in avoiding these is great planning, combined with an understanding of the new features, changes and limitations of the product. Adaptavist can help with or perform upgrades for you. Our team has the required knowledge and best practice planning to successfully deploy your JIRA 5 upgrade.

JIRA 5 is the centre of software development, connecting people, activity and the systems you already work with, helping you make better software. Get JIRA 5 today and ensure a successful, stress-free upgrade with our JIRA upgrade help service.


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