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Case Study - How Sun Microsystems used Atlassian and Adaptavist for Wiki, social networking, enhanced user profiles, discussion forums, documentation, knowledge base

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Sun Microsystems


Atlassian's Confluence is "the best Wiki on earth!"
- Peter Reiser, Oracle

Use Atlassian and Adaptavist for: Wiki, social networking, enhanced user profiles, discussion forums, documentation, knowledge base

The Customer

Sun Microsystems was a company that sold computers, computer components, computer software, and information technology services. In January 2010, Sun was acquired by Oracle and became part of Oracle America.

The Challenge

Sun Microsystem wanted to create an internal platform that could "build and nourish vibrant communities within an organisation", that "integrates with existing knowledge bases and repositories in an organisation", "promotes sharing" and "promotes participation and nurtures organic development of knowledge in communities".


The Solution

Atlassian's Confluence, using Adaptavist's Community Bubbles and Theme Builder plugins and support services and customisations made by Sun themselves. Theme Builder was used for look and feel and Communuty Bubbles for communities and portals, which complemented Sun's own Community Equity framework.

Confluence was chosen because Sun considered it to be "the best wiki on earth!". There is a "vibrant community around Confluence", Atlassian provide "source access" and Sun had experienced success using Confluence with their prior external-facing Wiki.


The creation of SunSpace, which they describe as being "one of the most advanced Social Networking implementations in a large Enterprise today!". It was an internal community of 25,000 users, with more than 500 communities, which saw some 10x growth in just 6 months. It provided a "vibrant", "people-centric" community which used our Community Bubbles plugin to expose relevant content to users.

It won the The "Not just another wiki" Award for Best use of Confluence at Atlassian's Summit in 2009 and is a great example of Confluence's ability to scale.

The site provided a way for people to:

  • Build their own social network and present themselves in a Facebook-style
  • Join and start communities and collaborate using wiki, forums, and news feeds
  • Experience the value of their community contribution and participation through integrated rating, commenting and Community Equity services
  • Post and share documents, presentations and files with My Share
  • Find what they need in one location

In September 2011 SunSpace moved to Oracle's own platform. However, we continue to work with Oracle on other projects.

For more information on SunSpace, see this video webinar with the accompanying slides and Q+A.

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