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Page Information

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This plugin puts a page under the microscope and displays various information such as version history, participants lists, labels and more.

Information that's usually hidden away, or placed somewhere you don't want it to be, can be made more visible or removed - this is particularly useful when working with custom themes (such as Theme Builder) or when working with formal documents (such as contracts, specifications, etc).

Plugin Pack

This plugin is part of the Essentials Pack


This plugin is compatible with Confluence v3.1+

Features & Benefits

The Page Information Tools plugin displays various information about wiki pages (also works on blog posts):

Author(s) Display name of page author and/or editors.
Commentators List everyone who has commented on a page.
Participants List everyone who's been involved with a page.
Dates Display dates of creation, last edit, etc.
Versions Current version, all versions, revision tables.
Diffs Display links to "diffs" showing changes between versions.
Title & ID Display page title or database ID.
Tiny URL Display hyperlinked TinyURL for pages.




Macro Syntax

Add the macro to your page as follows:

{page-info:displaytype|page=Home|dateformat=dd/MM/YY HH:mm}


Parameter Default Required Notes
default   The default "displaytype" parameter is the name of the piece of information you wish to see displayed, this may be one of the following:
  • created-user - displays the user who created the page
  • created-date - displays the date the page was created
  • modified-user - displays the user who last modified the page
  • modified-users - displays a comma separated list of all the users who have modified the page
  • modified-date - displays the date the page was last modified
  • participants - displays a comma separated list of the users who have modified or commented on the page
  • commenters - displays a comma separated list of the users who have commented on the page
  • current-version - displays the most recent version number for the page
  • versions - displays a comma separated list of version numbers, clickable to take you to view that version
  • diffs - displays a comma separated list of version numbers, clickable to take you to view the differences between that version and the next version
  • labels - displays a comma separated list of labels, clickable to allow you to view other pages which posess that label
  • tinyurl - displays a tinyurl link to the specified page
  • title - displays the title of the specified page
  • pageId - displays the Id of the current page
page current page The name of the page whose information you wish to display, if none is given then the current page is assumed. You can also use @self to refer to the current page and @parent to use the parent page.
dateFormat Default Date Format Allows setting the display format for the date and time displayed, when do dat is to be displayed this parameter has no effect. Details of the pattern syntax may be found [Date Formats].
type flat For those display types that produce a list of information, you can specify:
  • flat - display a comma separeated list (default)
  • list - display a bullet list
prefix   When displaying a version numbers you may use this parameter to insert a prefix before the version number. Has no effect with those display types which do not display a version number.
reverse false When displaying a list of items, you can set this parameter to true to reverse the order of those items.
count show all If you want to limit the number of items shown in a list (eg. versions and diffs) define the number of items to be shown with this parameter.
showComments false Display the comments that accompany an update.
showVersions true Display the version numbers.

Add the macro to your page as follows:

{version-history:page=Home|dateFormat:ddMMYY HHmm|reverse=true|first=5}
Parameter Required Notes
page The name of the page whose version history you wish to display, if none is given then the current page is assumed. (@self and @parent are also valid)
dateFormat Allows you to override the format used to display dates. Details of the pattern syntax may be found [Date Formats]. If omitted, the date format defined in Confluence General Configuration will be used.
reverse Whether to reverse the list (sorted in revision order)
first Only display the first x entries


Displaying the current page's author

Displaying the current page's creation date

Displaying author and date

Displaying the name of the person who last modified the current page

Displaying the date that the current page was last modified

Displaying last modifier and modification date

Formatting dates

Listing the participants in a page

Listing users that have commented on a page

Listing users that have modified the page

Displaying the current page version

Listing the versions of the page

Reversing list order and limiting number of items

Prefixing the version number

Displaying list information as a bullet list

Displaying "diff" links

Displaying "Tiny URL" for a page

Displaying page title

Listing the labels on the page

Showing information about another page

Showing Edits and the accompanying comment

Showing Edit Comments without version numbers

Plugin Support

The Essentials pack is supported by the community. The quickest way to get help with this plugin is on our forums.

You can also create/view issues for this plugin


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