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Do I need to use theme builder?

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I just want to add a right hand menu to the default menu in confluence so I get something like this (the idea is that this menu would have a bubbles widget embedded in it that I could use to simply change the navigation content).

(Note this is early days I haven't refined the layout at all yet - just getting users to try different navigation elements etc so far - been using confluence 2 days now <grin>)

Now I want to keep the default layout elements as other areas at CDU intend to use the wiki and it is likely many will just go with the default. So I want to keep the main tools menus/ iconography etc the same to make it intuitive for users across multiple wikis.

To add a right hand side navigation bar to the default theme do I (1) really need theme builder or (2) is this complete overkill and I could get what I need via some simple edit of the default theme?

If (1) can anyone tell me how? If not i'll take this discussion over to the atlassian site as in depth discussion of that would be more appropriate there.

Thanks a lot for all your help.


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