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What, no news?

Aug 09, 2007 19:03

What, no news?

We're just putting up a new news post because it seems to be an age since we last posted anything!

We've been truly busy over the past few months and here's a quick summary of what we've been up to:

Unable to render embedded object: File (shared-hosting.png) not found. New Hosting Facility and Services

With 16 times the capacity of the previous facility, we've secured the space for our ever-growing [archive:Host] service for the next 2 years.

We've enhanced our rapidly growing Dedicated Hosting solutions, Unable to render embedded object: File (dedicated-hosting.png) not found. enabling us to deliver the servers and bandwidth to host sites like (yes, that's a Confluence wiki).

Our new [archive:Remote Hosting] service is aimed at customers who have mission critical Confluence installations hosted in their own data centres. The Unable to render embedded object: File (remote-hosting.png) not found. service enables customers to enlist the services of Adaptavist systems engineers to resolve tricky problems such as performance issues and LDAP integration.

Confluence Support

Another major new service that went unannounced (we've been busy!) is our [archive:Atlassian Confluence Support] service.

Unable to render embedded object: File (confluence-support.png) not found. This service provides telephone support and guaranteed response times with SLAs ranging from UK business hours to full 24/7 coverage.

The service has been so successful that we've also started supporting JIRA and Crowd due to popular demand and will likely have to rename the service to something like "Application Support" as a result!

Unable to render embedded object: File (bespoke-solutions.png) not found. Bespoke Solutions

As usual, our [archive:Bespoke Solutions] service is booked out for months in advance.

As well as the usual small plugins and macros, we're now increasingly working on major projects for a growing number of Fortune 100 clients.

We've still got some bottlenecks with regards to theme customisation, which brings us nicely on to...

Adaptavist Agent Network

We've been quietly setting up a global network of agents - contractors and SMEs who we can outsource to on an ad-hoc basis.

By doing this we're helping to foster the next generation of developers, designers and other skilled people within the Atlassian community.

If you're interested in this, please [get in touch].

Unable to render embedded object: File (theme-builder.png) not found. Theme Builder 3.0

It was going to be released as Theme Builder 2.1 but our Beta Testers demanded it be called 3.0 as there are so many new features and improvements, such as the new Layout Chooser:

We're in the final stages of beta testing and documenting the plugin, but you can get an idea of the new features in our user guide.

Unable to render embedded object: File (community-bubbles.png) not found. Community Bubbles

Yes, we know, it's still not released. We're currently embarked on a major project which will polish off the feature set of our Bubbles plugin - more news on that at a later date (sorry)!

You will however start to see documentation for the plugin appearing in our user guides over the next month or so.

Anything else?

Hmmm, oh yes, we've been releasing some more open source plugins:

  • Form Mail NG - a massively enhanced version of our hugely popular Form Mail plugin
  • [Scriptix] - allows you to create server-side scripts directly within Confluence using a wide range of languages such as JavaScript, PHP, Jython, etc.

We've also got new versions of several of our older open source plugins about to be released:

  • Rate Plugin - content ratings in the search index, new top-rated pages macro and more
  • Page Information Tools - lots of bug fixes, enhancements and new features
  • Content Formatting Macros - we've already released some updates to add new macros and features and more are planned

There's probably more plugins we've forgot to mention. :o

Oh, and somewhere amidst the blur that is the past 6 months we also exceeded 1,000 clients in 50+ countries. So much to do, so little time!

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