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Simple help with hiding or showing with builder macros

Theme Builder - Question, asked by NW on Feb 27, 2012 22:25

Current Status: Awaiting Review


Having some serious trouble just getting what I would think would be basic functionality out of the builder-show macro.

I have a list of links to pages, all in the same place. Some of these pages have page-level view restrictions set.

When someone is looking at this list of links, I would like them to not be able to see the pages they do not have view permissions for. I would like to accomplish this using the builder-show or builder-hide or whichever it is that is supposed to work for this sort of situation.

I have tried endless combinations of parameters for both, testing them on a link that the user account would have access to and a link the user account would NOT have access to. What ends up happening is that either both are hidden or neither are.

What on earth is the correct syntax for this macro if you want it to check whether or not the logged-in user has view access for a page and shows the content in the macro accordingly?

This is not group-wide restrictions. Many of these pages have their page-level permissions set using individuals, not groups.

Please, please advise. I feel like this should be simple!

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