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Community Forum Closure Notification

Adaptavist would like tosay thank you to all of the forum visitors who have used the Adaptavist Community forums to post questions about our plugins.

Adaptavist have changed the way that we deal with support queries. These forums were closed on Monday the 25th February 2013, and will remain in read-only format. We will continue to deal with support queries via a contact form which will send all queries directly to our support engineers. If you have any questions or comments regarding this change you can contact us at

All the latest updates and news on our plugins can now be found at

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Editor and IE8 bug

Theme Builder - *Bug Report, made by

page-info: org.codehaus.xfire.XFireRuntimeException: Could not invoke service.. Nested exception is org.codehaus.xfire.fault.XFireFault: Could not receive fault.. Nested exception is org.codehaus.xfire.fault.XFireFault: No write method for property {}message in class java.rmi.RemoteException

on Apr 25, 2012 21:16*

Current Status: Awaiting Development


Plugin Version: 4.3.0

Confluence Version: 4.1.9

I'm using IE8 and when I Edit a page and scroll back up the textarea, horizontal lines appear, obscuring the text, but they disappear when I move the cursor from the scroll bar.

The issue occurs with the default themebuilder theme, but it is not a issue when not using themebuilder.

  1. May 04, 2012

    Gareth Wilson says:

    Thanks for reporting your issue. I've logged this on our internal system and a f...

    Thanks for reporting your issue. I've logged this on our internal system and a fix will be investigated for a future release.

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