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Advanced Search cannot search a metadata field if its name contains a space

Advanced Search - Bug Report, made by François Nonnenmacher on Nov 01, 2011 01:08

Current Status: Awaiting Review


Plugin Version: 3.0.11

Confluence Version: 3.4.8

How to reproduce:

1. create a page with the following wiki markup:

|| MyMetadata | {list-data:MyMetadata|type=check|multiple=true}{list-option}Option A{list-option}{list-option}Option B{list-option}{list-data} ||

|| My Metadata | {list-data:My Metadata|type=check|multiple=true}{list-option}Option A{list-option}{list-option}Option B{list-option}{list-data} ||

2. Save and fill-in the form by selecting "Option A" for both metadata fields.

3. Create another page with the following wiki markup:


{search-select:match=metadata|metadataKey=MyMetadata|nullLabel=All options}
{search-option}Option A{search-option}{search-option}Option B{search-option}

{search-select:match=metadata|metadataKey=My Metadata|nullLabel=All options}
{search-option}Option A{search-option}{search-option}Option B{search-option}


4. Save and search for "Option A" in the first "MyMetadata" drop-down menu. It will return your first page. Now search for "Option A" in the second "My Metadata" drop-down menu. It will return no result.

The plugin should be able to handle metadata fields that have spaces in their name.

(P.S. I wish I had known this bug before filling thousands of forms, now I'm looking for a way to rename the metadata fields in the database without having to edit all those forms . Guidance on how to do that much appreciated .)

  1. Nov 01, 2011

    François Nonnenmacher says:

    It looks like the following SQL statement will do for renaming the metadata key ...

    It looks like the following SQL statement will do for renaming the metadata key directly in the database:

    UPDATE os_propertyentry set text_val=replace(text_val,'<string>My Key</string>','<string>My_Key</string>') WHERE text_val like '%<string>My Key</string>%';

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