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pagetree2 macro

{pagetree2} macro

This macro required Theme Builder 3 or above





Parameter Required Default Notes Builder Version
default @space Defines where the page tree should start from:
  • SPACEKEY:pagename - a specific page in a specific space
  • page title - a specific page (defined by it's title) in the current space
  • @self - the current page
  • @parent - the parent of the current page
  • @parentparent - the parent of the parent of the current page
  • @space - the currently viewed space showing all top-level pages and also news items (default)
  • @orphan - same as @space
  • @root - the root of the current tree
  • @home - the homepage of currently viewed space (does not include news items)
  • @dashboard - the Confluence dashboard showing all spaces the user has access to
space current space If you want to show a page tree for a different space, specify the space key of that space using this parameter. 3.0
page   An alternate way to specify the page (by it's title) to use as the root node of the tree. 3.0
target   The target window that links in the tree should be opened in (eg. _blank or _self). 3.0
showIcons true Should icons be shown in the tree?
  • true - show icons (default)
  • false - do not show icons
selectionMode node When a node is selected in the tree, what should be highlighted?
  • node - highlight the node caption (default)
  • row - highlight the entire row
autoCollapse false Only allow a single node to be expanded?
  • false - allow any number of nodes to be expanded (default)
  • true - when a node is opened, collapse all other nodes
indent true Should different levels of the tree be indented?
  • true - indent each level (default)
  • false - left align all levels
showRoot true Should the root node of the tree be shown?
  • true - show the root node
  • false - hide the root node
branchStyle plus-lines Defines how the structure of the tree is visualised:
  • plus-lines - +/- buttons, dotted lines (default)
  • plus-nolines - +/- buttons, no lines
  • ball-lines - yellow sphere buttons, dotted lines
  • ball-nolines - yellow sphere buttons, no lines
  • arrow - green arrow buttons, no lines
iconStyle computer Which icon set should be used?
  • computer - computer style icons (default)
  • website - website style icons
  • builder - Theme Builder style icons
  • bookshelf - bookshelf style icons
class   An optional CSS class to assign to the outer wrapper of the page tree. 3.0
openpage true When a link is clicked, should the corresponding page be opened?
  • true - open the link
  • false - highlight the link, but don't open it
allowdrag false Allow pages in the tree to be dragged to new locations?
  • true - allow page moving
  • false - do not allow page moving
treename   The name of the tree (for use with pagepanel macro)
May be deprecated or changed in future versions
titletip false Should the page title be used as the tooltip when hovering over items in the tree?
  • true - display the page title in the tooltip
  • false - display the date and author of the item in the tooltip
initialDepth 1 Prevent the tree expanding beyond this depth on page startup. 3.0


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