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sorted-children macro

Under Consruction


The sorted-children macro can used for displaying lists of child pages...




the "Ver" column shows which version of Theme Builder the parameter became available in.

Property Required Default Notes Theme Panels Only Ver
default @current The page whose children should be shown
Possible values:
  • SPACEKEY:pagename - a specific page in a specific space
  • pagename - a specific page in the current space
  • @self - the current page
  • @current - same as @self
  • @parent - the parent of the current page
  • @parentparent - the parent of the current page's parent
  • @orphan - as an orphaned page in the current space
  • @space - same as @orphan
  • @root - the root of the current page's tree
  • @home - the homepage of currently viewed space
showRoot false Whether to show the root page or not    
showSpaceSiblings true when displaying the path from @dashboard, list the space's siblings    
showPageSiblings true when displaying the path from @dashboard, @parent, @parentparent, @space, @orphan, @root or @home, list the parent page's siblings    
filter all only show spaces of type global/personal/all    
depth 1 the depth of children to be shown    
countParentPages false include the parent pages in the depth count    
countParentSpaces false include the parent spaces in the depth count    
class None the css classname to apply to the list    


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