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This documentation is deprecated. Adaptavist's documentation has moved to a new location where it is maintained and updated. Please visit Adaptavist's new Documentation area.

blog-rss-feed macro

{blog-rss-feed} Macro

Under Consruction


The blog-rss-feed macro is used to generate an rss feed link included in the header of the builder theme....

This macro takes exactly the same parameters as the {blog-rss} macro which can be used for prototyping the feeds without needing to cycle through adding the feed to a reader and viewing it.




The "Ver" column shows which version of Theme Builder the parameter became available in.

Property Required Default Notes Theme Panels Only Ver
space @current The space (or list of spaces) whose posts should be listed (SPACEKEY/@all/@current/@favourite/@global/@personal) NB: the @all parameter must be used on it's own, other macro parameters may be used in a list.   3.3
teams n/a A list of team labels that can be used to filter the list of spaces   3.3
author n/a A list of authors that can be used to filter the list of blog posts   3.3
sort creation The order that the posts should be listed in (creation/modified/recent)   3.3
reverse true List the blogposts in reverse order (oldest first)   3.3
count n/a The number of posts that should be displayed.   3.3
start 0 Offset from the start for listing the posts.   3.3
dateFormat general config Format that dates should be displayed in.   3.3
feedTitle RSS Feed The title of the rss feed.   3.3
feedDesc An RSS Feed The descripion of the rss feed.   3.3
none n/a Text to display when no posts have been found   3.3


Basic Use

Add the {blog-rss} macro to a page/panel where you want to display the rss feed icon in compatible browsers


Which gives:

CSS Customisation

Not Applicable

Hints and Tips

Use the blog-rss macro to simpify the process of prototyping a feed

Frequently Asked Questions

Multiple feeds can be included in a layout/page to offer a variety of information streams to users

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