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This documentation is deprecated. Adaptavist's documentation has moved to a new location where it is maintained and updated. Please visit Adaptavist's new Documentation area.

blog-archive macro

{blog-archive} Macro

Under Consruction


The blog-archive macro is used to display a nested list of blog posts and optionally excerpts....




he "Ver" column shows which version of Theme Builder the parameter became available in.

Property Required Default Notes Theme Panels Only Ver
space @current The space (or list of spaces) whose posts should be listed (SPACEKEY/@all/@current/@favourite/@global/@personal/@children) NB: the @all parameter must be used on it's own, other macro parameters may be used in a list.   3.0
label n/a A list of team labels that can be used to filter the list of blog posts   3.3.5
author n/a A comma separated list of usernames/group names/@self/@creator/@owner   3.3
sort creation The order that the posts should be listed in (creation/modified/recent)   3.2
reverse true List the blogposts in reverse order (oldest first)   3.2
count n/a The number of posts that should be displayed.   3.2
start 0 Offset from the start for listing the posts.   3.2
years true Nest the list of blogposts by year (true/false)   3.2
months true Nest the list of blogposts by month (true/false)   3.2
days true Nest the list of blogposts by month (true/false)   3.2
posts true Display the individual posts (true/false)   3.2
excerpt true Display the excerpt of the blogpost (true/false/full)   3.2
none n/a Text to display when no posts have been found   3.2


Basic Use

Add the {blog-archive} macro to a page or panel where you want to display a list of blog posts


Which gives:

  1. 2007
    1. December
    2. Theme Builder 3.0 beta 23 has been released, adding support for Confluence 2.7.
  2. 2008
    1. January
    2. Want to know how we customised the theme for our website? [Read the tutorial...|Adaptavist Website Theme v4] :)
    3. This tutorial shows how to allow a single layout to adapt to a space or page that uses it. This allows you to reduce the number of layouts whilst still allowing space administrators to customise panel content, navigation, menus and colours to their specific needs. [Read the tutorial...|Space-level Theme Settings]
    4. Want to download and test the latest beta of Theme Builder? {menulink:pageattachments|page=Builder 3.0.0 beta requests|space=Builder}Click for files{menulink}, [see comments for instructions|Builder 3.0.0 beta requests].
    5. We've released Beta 26 which has a refactored [builder-breadcrumbs macro] - here's some notes...
    6. February
    7. We've had several requests from customers asking if there is a Theme Builder layout that looks like the Clickr theme, preferably a version they can edit to apply further customisations. Well, now there is... [Clickr Theme Tutorial|Clickr Theme]
    8. We have [extended the Builder 3 Beta license|Builder 3.0.0 beta requests] to expire on the 30th April 2008. This should give you more confidence in using the beta. This license will validate as a _commercial_ license so you should no longer see the evaluation banner at the bottom of the screen. If you have an active Builder m...

Just list the blog posts, most recent first

To display A list of blog posts without the nesting, set the years/months/days to false and revent the list from being reversed


Which gives:

  1. These releases ([4.1.3|Builder 4.1.3 Release Notes] for Confluence 3.3 and [4.0.4|Builder 4.0.4 Release Notes] for Confluence 3.1 - 3.2.1) introduce an update to the administration pages. A much cleaner look and feel, and massive speed and browser compatibility improvements to the Manage Spaces and Link Aliases tables. See [Them...
  2. The Builder 4.1.1 release is now available for download. This release fixes a bug with viewing the manage layouts and builder admin interface in Confluence 3.3.
  3. Builder 3.3.6 has been released and is available here: [Downloads] More information can be found on the [Builder 3.3.6 release notes] paqe.
  4. We've been making lots of enhancements to the flags feature in Theme Builder 3.3.6 and 3.4.0, however there's been little documentation done on this...
  5. Builder is now free for use on any confluence install from 2.7 onwards. h2. Why free In order for us to concentrate more on our level of service, and provide a more effective solution to our clients we have decided to make builder a free plugin, it remains commercially supported, and our plans for it's future have not changed...
  6. As anyone who has ever tried customising the page attachments screen will know, it's a nightmare. I decided to take a look to see what could be done to improve the situation...
  7. {div:style=float:right}[!stimulus.png!|]{div} In the wake of the [Atlassian Starter|] programme (which has been a runaway success, exceeding its $25k target in the first day), a number of users have been asking if since $5 is 'basically free' whether they could get a ...

CSS Customisation

To follow

Hints and Tips

When excepts are enabled, the macro will output a block of content taken from the top of your blog posts. If you need more control over the excerpts, consider using the excerpt macro.

Frequently Asked Questions

None at present.

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