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This documentation is deprecated. Adaptavist's documentation has moved to a new location where it is maintained and updated. Please visit Adaptavist's new Documentation area.

table macro


The {table} macro and it's related macros allow you to create custom table layouts in Confluence content...

While tables can easily be created using standard Wiki Notation, they are somewhat inflexible - for example, you can't make a cell span multiple rows or columns and you can't add your own styling to them.

This group of macros allow you to create more customised tables in your content.


This macro is used as shown below:

{td}cell 1{td}
{td}cell 2{td}

Obviously, there's not much use to creating such a simple table - in the examples later on this page you'll see more comprehensive uses for these macros.

Parameter Required Default Notes
align left Define the horizontal position of the table in relation to the surrounding content:
  • left - left align the table
  • right - right align the table
  • center - center the table
bgcolor transparent The background colour of the table - this can be any valid HTML colour reference. The default is "transparent".
border 0 The border width of the table in pixels. Confluence defaults tables to have no border, but you can force a border by setting this parameter to an integer, eg. border=1
cellpadding 1 Specifies the gap, in pixels, between the cell walls and their content. A non-negative integer, eg. cellpadding=3
cellspacing 2 Specifies the spacing between cells. A non-negative integer, eg. cellspacing=4
frame border Specifies which sides of the border surrounding the table will be visible:
  • void - no borders
  • above - the top border
  • below - the bottom border
  • hsides - just the horizontal borders (top and bottom)
  • lhs - just the right border
  • rhs - just the left border
  • vsides - just the vertical borders (left and right)
  • box - just the outer borders
  • border - same as box?
    You need to specify a border on your table (using the border parameter with an integer greater than 0) for borders to appear.
rules all Defines which divider lines are shown:
  • none - no internal divider lines
  • groups - ?
  • rows - horizontal row divider lines
  • cols - vertical column divider lines
  • all - both horizontal and vertical divider lines
    You need to specify a border on your table (using the border parameter with an integer greater than 0) for borders to appear.
summary   A text summary of the table for screen readers, etc.

In addition to the table-specific parameters, there are several general parameters as follows:

Parameter Required Default Notes
id   The unique HTML id for the table instance.
class   One or more CSS classes for the table instance.
title   The text to display in a tooltip when the mouse hovers over the table.
style   One or more inline styles to apply to the table.
dir   The text direction to use within the table. Values are 'ltr' (Left to right) or 'rtl' (Right to left)
lang   The language to use for the table.

The body of the table macro should contain a table-row macro (or tr for short) macro which in turn should contain one or more table-cell macro (or td for short).


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