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This documentation is deprecated. Adaptavist's documentation has moved to a new location where it is maintained and updated. Please visit Adaptavist's new Documentation area.

sudoku-printable macro


The {sudoku-printable} macro embeds a static, printable Sudoku game in your content...

This macro is designed specifically for printing purposes and if arranged properly (using the section macro and column macro) you can easily fit 6 or more boards to a single printed page.


Add the printable board to your content using the following notation:

Name Type Required Default Notes
default enum normal The difficulty of the board:
  • easy – The easiest skill level
  • normal – Normal skill level
  • hard – The hardest skill level


Hints and Tips

Use the cache macro to retain a specific Sudoku board for a period of time, usually 1 day:


This will help prevent users from repeatedly refreshing your page trying to get a new board – a process that would put undue strain on your server and bandwidth. It's advisable to display a message stating how often the board will be updated.

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