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This documentation is deprecated. Adaptavist's documentation has moved to a new location where it is maintained and updated. Please visit Adaptavist's new Documentation area.

rate-table macro

Deprecated and no longer in the lastest version of the Rate macro. User rate-search macro instead.


The {rate-table} macro is used to show statistics gathered from the rate macro...

This macro displays tabular data showing the distribution of votes for ratings gathered by the rate macro. When combined with the chart macro, this data can be conveyed graphically using pie charts, etc.

This macro requires Confluence 2.0 or above.


This macro is used as shown below:

Parameter Required Default Notes
keys Default Rating By default, the macro will show the statistics for a rating with no specified key. If you have multiple ratings, or a rating with a specified key, you can specify a list of keys to include.
overall true By default, the Overall Rating column will be shown at the end of the table. Set this parameter to false to hide it.
breakdown true By default the table will show a breakdown of votes cast for each rating level. Set this parameter to false to hide it.
ceo Current Content Normally the macro will gather statistics stored in the content in which it is placed. However, if you want to extract statistics from ratings on other pages, ec., specify the Confluence Entity Object ID for the content holding the ratings.


Hints and Tips:

Monitor ratings across various versions of a page by altering the rating key. For example, on the first version of the page use:


Then, after updating the page to a degree sufficient to have it re-rated, change the key:


In the summary table, you can then display both keys as the rating data for V1 will still be retained, even if there is no ratings panel for that version any more:


This would allow you to see if the second major version of a page was getting improved ratings over the previous version.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q Why do I have to use database ID's when pulling ratings from other pages?
A It was a last minute feature added prior to releasing the macro. As such it's not overly polished and will hopefully be simplified in a later release.

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