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highlight macro


The {highlight} macro allows you to change background colour of a section of content...

There are times when you want to highlight a section of content (such as a word within a paragrpah) to make it stand out more on your page and that's exactly what this macro does.

You can specify any backgorund colour using either colour names or their hexadecimal colour codes.


Add the macro to your page as follows:

{highlight:myColor}your content{highlight}
Parameter Required Default Notes
default yellow The "myColor" default parameter defines the background colour for the content contained within the macro and can be either a common colour name (supported by most browsers) or a hexadecimal colour code (supported by all browsers).


Hints and Tips:

Alternate background colours can be used to highlight important information on a page by drawing the visitors attention to it due to the unusual colour.

When changing background colour, please try and keep a contrast between the text and the background so that it is still clearly readable. For example, in our example above, the slate blue background made the black text barely readable.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q I'm annotating revisions to text - is there a quicker way to mark inserted and deleted text?
A Yes. See Basic Text Formatting.
Q Can I highlight an entire block of content?
A Yes. Use the bgcolor macro.
Q I'm using hexadecimal codes, but they are not working - why?
A Unlike the color macro, this macro requires that you include the "#" at the start of the number.
Q Where can I get HTML text colour codes from?
A WebMonkey has a good colour code reference page that shows each of the standard colours with the corresponding colour code. If you want a groovy wall chart with colour codes, try
Q Some colour names, such as "grey", don't seem to work in all browsers - why?
A Colour names are supported differently by different browsers. To be 100% sure of getting the right colour, use the hexadecimal colour code instead.
Q How do I change the colour of text?
A Use the color macro.
Q How do I change the default background colour of my page, etc?
A If you are using a standard theme, there are some limited options to change colours. If you are using the Builder theme, you have complete control over all colours using Custom CSS Styles.
Q Can I put a graphic in the background?
A Yes. The span macro and style macro allow you to apply far more formatting to your content.

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