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dynamictasklist macro


Task List

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The {tasklist} macro adds interactive task lists to your pages allowing users to easily add and alter items...

There are many times when you need a quick task (or "to-do") list and this macro is the perfect choice!

It takes only a second to add it to the page (or just about anywhere else) and it's easy to add tasks, set the status of tasks (complete or incomplete), reorder tasks (to set priority) and delete tasks.


Add the macro to your page as follows:

Parameter Required Notes
default The "listTitle" default parameter is used not only to display a title for your list (eg. "Shopping List") but also to define where the data is stored in our database.


Hints and Tips:

You should always try to specify a title for your task list, even though the parameter is optional.

To make your task list look nicer on-screen, use the center macro to center it horizontally.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q My task list is broken - why?
A Two common reasons:
  1. Have you created two lists on the same page with the same title?
  2. The title can only contain numbers, letters and spaces - if you've used other characters, such as a hyphen, it won't work.
Q I've marked all tasks as complete, but the progress bar doesn't show 100% green - why?
Q The progress bar doesn't correctly show the percentage of complete and incomplete tasks - why?
A It's a very rare problem. Just refresh the page you are looking at and it should sort itself out.
Q Can I add sub-tasks?
A No.
Q How do I stop anonymous users from editing my task list?
A Hide it from them. Use the show-to macro with the "user=confluence-users" parameter - that will only show the task list to logged in users.

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