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This documentation is deprecated. Adaptavist's documentation has moved to a new location where it is maintained and updated. Please visit Adaptavist's new Documentation area.

create-page macro


The {create-page} macro asks the user for the name of the page and then creates it based on a template...

The macro creates a link which, when clicked, asks the user for the title of the new page:

The new page is then created, based on the template specified, completely bypassing the usual "Add page" screen.

This is especially useful when working with Scaffold Templates because the user is taken directly to the editable view of the page - they can immediately fill in the fields provided by the template.


The parameters for create-link are as shown below

{create-page:parent=pagename|boilerplate=myboilerplate|template=mytemplate|prefix=before|postfix=after|addspace=false|space=myspacekey|prompt=Please enter the new page name}link text{create-page}
Parameter Required Default Notes
parent @self By default, the created page will use the current page as it's parent. However, you can specify a parent page as follows:
  • @self - the default setting which will create pages as children of the page containing the macro
  • @parent - will create new pages that are siblings to the page which contins the macro (ie: will have the same parent as the current page)
  • page title - the new pages will be attached to the page whose title matches the one supplied
space current space By default, the new page will be created in the current space unless you specify an alternative space with this parameter.
boilerplate   The name to be used in the boilerplate macro injected into the new page.
template   The name of the template whose contents will be copied to the new page.
prefix   A prefix to be applied to the page title given by the user.
postfix   The suffix to be applied to the name given by the user.
addspace true By default, spaces are inserted between the user specified page title and any pre-defined prefix or postfix unless you set this parameter to false.
prompt 'Please enter the new page name' This parameter allows you to customise the prompt shown to the user when adding the new page.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q How do I hide the link when the user can't add a page?
A Use either the show-to macro or the hide-from macro depending on your preference. These macros allow you to show or hide content based on the privileges the user has.

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