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macro. Now, regardless of which list item I click on, it only opens that bottom-most list in the column. Is there any way around this?

Any suggestions are welcome.

  • Apr 23, 2010

    Travis Mattera says:

    Has anyone had luck with cloaked content remembering its cloak state when shown ...

    Has anyone had luck with cloaked content remembering its cloak state when shown with the {include} macro?

    I have a wiki page with a cloaked list. I {include} that page in another one. I put the {composition-setup} macro in both pages with a cloak.memory.duration=7 parameter. If I uncloak the list in the included page and navigate away from the parent page, upon returning the list is again cloaked.

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    cloak macro


    The {cloak} macro is used in conjunction with the toggle-cloak macro to show and hide blocks of content...

    When pages become extremely large, or when there is information that might not always be required, you can use this macro to temporarily hide blocks of content. The user can show or hide cloaked blocks using on-screen navigation provided by the toggle-cloak macro.


    The {cloak} macro has the following parameters:

    your content
    Parameter Required Default Notes
    id   The unique ID to assign to a cloaked block of content. The toggle-cloak macro uses this ID to show and hide that block of content.
    visible false By default the cloaked content will be hidden, but you can set this parameter to true to show it by default.


    Hints and Tips

    Remember to include the composition-setup macro at the top of your content when using the cloak macro. You should also ensure that you have at least one toggle-cloak macro for each cloaked section of your content so that the user can display that content.

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