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This documentation is deprecated. Adaptavist's documentation has moved to a new location where it is maintained and updated. Please visit Adaptavist's new Documentation area.

children macro

The {children} macro displays lists of child pages attached to the current page or orphan pages that are not attached to any page...

Properly organised sites use hierarchies of pages - a bit like a family tree where child pages are related to their parent pages and so on:

The {children} macro is one of the most flexible ways to display the hierarchy of pages for any part of your site, or even display pages that are not attached to a parent page.


Add the macro to your page as follows:

Parameter Required Default Notes
all false If this parameter is set to true then all child pages (with all of thier child pages) will be shown.
depth 1 Use this parameter to choose how many levels of the page hierarchy will be shown (or use the "all" parameter to show all of them).
style   Normally, an unordered list is used to display pages, however you can use this parameter to output the top level of child pages using one of the standard heading styles (h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6).
excerpt false By default, only the page titles are shown unless you set this parameter to true in which case excerpts are shown alongside the page titles.
page   By default, the list of child pages is shown starting with the current page. You can use this parameter to start from a different page if desired.
first   Sometimes a page may have vast number of child pages attached to it - if so, you might want to use this parameter to specify the maximum number of pages that are output.
sort title Pages are normally sorted alphabetically on their title, but you can also sort them by their creation or modified dates.
reverse false Set this parameter to true to reverse the sort order of pages.


Hints and Tips

Use this macro to quickly and easily add lists of related pages to any page on your site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Can I display the author and creation date, etc., alongside the page title?
A No, not at present. You can however use the recently-updated macro or the recentpages macro in some cases.

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