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Adaptavist Documentation Move

This documentation is deprecated. Adaptavist's documentation has moved to a new location where it is maintained and updated. Please visit Adaptavist's new Documentation area.

The Dashboard

The Dashboard is your default home page and provides access to all your sites...

What does the Dashboard do?

The Dashboard provides quick access to several of the top-level features within Confluence:

There are a supprising number of features on the Dashboard as follows:

  • At the very top, there is the Breadcrumb Trail which also includes the Search Box
  • A logo is displayed near the top left of the page (see Global Logo)
  • A welcome Message appears below the logo
  • A list of Spaces is shown below the welcome message, allowing the visitor to choose what site they want to see
  • A "Create Space" button appears under the space list, allowing you to create a new space (see Spaces)
  • Links for logging in or out, displaying your history, editing your profile and administration are shown near the top right of the page
  • A list of recently updated content is shown on the right of the screen

Related Tutorials

The following tutorials show you how to perform some common tasks:

  • Custom DashboardsThis tutorial shows you how to create completely customised dashboards...
  • Global LogoThe global logo appears on The Dashboard and also in the header of any spaces without a custom logo. This tutorial shows you how to change the logo...
  • Sample Page 1
  • Site HomepageThe site homepage will be shown by default whenever people visit your site. This tutorial shows you how to choose a different home page...
  • Site Welcome MessageThe site welcome message appears on The Dashboard and any place that includes the welcome-message macro. This tutorial shows you how to change the message...

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Can I hide the Dashboard link on the breadcrumb trail within spaces?
A No, although we are working on adding a feature to allow this.
Q I don't want the Dashboard to be my homepage - can I choose something else?
A Yes. Change the Site Homepage setting in the Administration Console.

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