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Case Study - How A-Server use Atlassian and Adaptavist for Website, Wiki, documentation/knowledge base

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"All written documentation" is now "centralised, maintained and searchable", thanks to Confluence
- Arvid Fossen, AServer

Use Atlassian and Adaptavist for: Website, Wiki, documentation/knowledge base

The Customer

A-Server is a technology company that specializes in high end solutions for Cloud Computing and Storage. A-server aims to make companies aware of the benefits of data centre virtualisation and the accompanying savings on IT, management and energy costs and provides solutions for backup & disaster recovery as well as monitoring.

The Challenge

A-Server required a place to "centralise information" which was "searchable and replaces document management". "Adding information needed to be very simple" and avoid duplication.

The Solution

Atlassian's Confluence with the Theme Builder plugin from Adaptavist



"All written documentation" is now "centralised, maintained and searchable", thanks to Confluence, which has provided "easy wiki based editing". The solution has been greatly enhanced by the "built-in history management" and "a framework with many plugins that help to add tools and features fast", and its great "search and tagging" system that has allowed them to "retrieve information more quickly". Adaptavist's Theme Builder plugin was used to customise the look and feel of Confluence such that they were able to use it for their external facing website too.

Adaptavist Theme Builder Powered by Atlassian Confluence