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What's new in Gliffy v4.2 for Confluence - Interactive diagrams, Live text and more

Apr 05, 2012 18:02

The Gliffy diagramming plugin for Confluence has been updated with version 4.2 released today. It's making steps towards supporting HTML 5 with a HTML 5 viewer, but also includes some great feature enhancements. Worth noting are:

Friendlier Search Results

Search results are displayed in a friendlier way by using an image preview. This is a nice time-saver over the previous incarnation which required clicking the links that appeared in text results.

More Interactive Diagrams

Diagrams on wiki pages are now much more interactive. For example, users are be able to zoom and pan large diagrams which makes it easier to see the details.

Live Text

Text within diagrams is now 'live', by which we mean that it can be selected, copied and pasted. No pesky re-typing of useful content required.

Editable diagram links

Being able to link within a diagram makes it easy to access relevant notes pertaining to the item being clicked. A real boon for network administrators.

For good measure there's also a bunch of bug fixes.

You can watch a video that shows these highlights here:

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