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Automate More and Configure Less with Bamboo 4

Mar 28, 2012 14:16

Bamboo 4, release today, brings with it a number of improvements that improve its DVCS support and enables CI more easily by enabling you to automate more and configure less. It takes the hassle out of branched code and flaky tests with auto-branching, auto-merging and test quarantining. Here's a run-down of the best new features:

Plan Branches for DVCS

Plan branches eases the biggest pain point experienced by DVCS teams: frequent branching and the associated merges. Rather than have to clone build Plans or re-create them from scratch, teams can now elect to have Bamboo 'listen' for new branches in DVCS repos, then automatically create a Plan for it. There's 3 options for merging: automated "Branch Updater" strategy, automated "Gatekeeper" strategy, or manual. This means that's easier than ever to practice continuous integration on branched code lines.

Push-Button Branching for Centralised VCS

Bamboo 4 provides quick and easy Plan branching whenever you need it, such as for release branches and developer sandboxes. Just click a button to create the Plan branch and specify the branch's location in your code repository. That's it.

Test Quarantining

Sometimes you just need to get a test "out of the way" for a few hours or few days, and Bamboo now offers a one-click solution for doing just that. Bamboo's new Quarantine feature makes it easy to remove failing build code. This means you don't have to comment out that code or update config files. Quarantined tests are still executed with each build, but a failed quarantined test will not fail the build. And don't worry - it won't let you forget them. Bamboo prominently displays the count of quarantined tests in each build result summary as a reminder to get them passing again before re-inclusion back in to the build.

Cleaner, simpler UI

You can now toggle the view options for things like the Plan Navigator, so that content-packed pages are free from clutter and are easy to read. This is great for teams with simple or single job Plans who would rather have extra space on the page for build result and configuration info. The Plan Statistics panel has undergone a facelift so that the vital stats are easier to read and a list of all branches for the Plan is now included which states their build status. Hover your mouse over any status indicator and you will see the build number, what triggered the build and whether any tests failed.

In total, there's over 100 fixes and enhancements in this release. We can help you upgrade your continuous integration servers to this latest version and advise you on how to get the most from Bamboo. What's more you can also get a [discount on your Atlassian license purchase or renewal] with Adaptavist Club.

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