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Say hello to the Atlassipeeps Top 50 - The most influential people in the Atlassian Ecosystem

Dec 09, 2011 15:40

Meet the Atlassipeeps Top 50. The most influential people online who are involved in Atlassian software. It's their ideas and efforts which go in to making, using, supporting, investing in and talking about Atlassian software products like Confluence, JIRA and Dev Tools. They are the movers and shakers that form part of the Atlassian community and are a big reason why we all love to use Atlassian products so much.

Congratulations to Samantha Thebridge, an Interaction and Visual UI Designer at Atlassian, who tops our inaugural list. A big shout out goes to our very own Emma Rush, who made it at a fab 5th place. Commiserations to all who did not make the list, perhaps you will have better luck in 2012!

This list is not subjectively determined by us here at Adaptavist, but by "Science"*. Or at least, what passes as Science in the world of online influence rating. That is to say whilst making the list might not class as evidence enough to guarantee promotion at their next appraisal, it's nevertheless an interesting collection of people who are making things happen with Atlassian software. Take a look at who is listed and get following!


                        Atlassipeeps Top 50 List

1 Samantha Thebridge samthebridge
2 Valentijn Scholten valentijn
3 Bitbucket bitbucket
4 James Dumay i386
5 Emma Rush emmarush
6 Jared Wyles rioter
7 Sarah Maddox sarahmaddox
8 Jesper Noehr jespern
9 Atlassian Confluence confluence
10 Shunsuke Osawa Sean_SF
11 Jonathan Poh jpoh
12 Matt Quail spudbean
13 Andrew Frayling SphericalN
14 Stefan Kohler stefankohler
15 Steve Streeting stevestreeting
16 Leonid Maslov leonardinius
17 Josh Graham delitescere
18 アトラシアン AtlassianJapan
19 Eric Dalgliesh ericdalgliesh
20 Sten stenpittet
21 Kelvin Yap kelvinyap
22 Martin Jopson m4rtin
23 Audra Eng audraeng
24 Justin Koke jusk
25 Rich P Wong rich_wong
26 Jon Silvers jonsilvers
27 Jade Li gr33nrok
28 Dev Tools Guru AtlDevTools
29 Mark Halvorson halv0112
30 Michael Seager mseager
31 Dave Elkan edave
32 Henry Tapia henrytapia
33 Wim Bos Wim_Bos
34 Dylan Hansen dillyh
35 Michael Studman mstudman
36 Indare inda_re
37 Felipe Cuozzo fcuozzo
38 Steve Haffenden SMHaffenden
39 John Stevenson JR0cket
40 Matt Hodges mattnhodges
41 Ken Olofsen kolofsen
42 Brian McKenna puffnfresh
43 T G Davies tgdavies
44 Ryan Thomas hobos_delight
45 Justin Alex jusuchin85
47 Donna McGahan supportdiva
48 Mike Guentzel mguentz
49 Wojciech Seliga wseliga
50 Atlassian UG Munich aug_muc

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*Ratings and rankings are determined by averaging influence scores provided by PeerIndex, Klout and Twitalyzer, which consider things like engagement, impact and followers. Not to be taken too seriously.

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