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Atlassian Summit 2010 Launch Pad

Jun 10, 2010 19:45

For those who couldn't attend, here's a recap of the Summit 2010 launch pad presentations where Atlassian partners got to show off their latest and greatest...

Note: Click any of the pics for a bigger version.

1. Adaptavist announce Visual VM plugin for Confluence

We announced our new Visual VM plugin that displays a real-time Confluence 'health monitor'.

Find out more about VisualVM health monitor plugin in our blog...

You can also find out more about Visual VM and a load of other new plugins we've released in our Newspaper.

2. AppFire announce Enterprise Sync

Matt and the AppFire team announced their Enterprise Sync and demoed it backing up data to a pen drive.

AppFire Website

Adaptavist staff are still recovering from last nights' FireWater party that was hosted by AppFire!

3. Comalatech announce Ad-hoc Workflows Exchange for Confluence

Our good friend Roberto from ComalaTech announced the Workflows Exchange where users of the Ad-hoc Workflows plugin can share their workflows with other customers. Awesome!

Ad-hoc Workflows website | ComalaTech website

You can find out more about the Ad-hoc Workflows plugin in the Adaptavist Newspaper.

4. Contegix announce plans for European presence

Contegix are the company that hosts Atlassian's SaaS solutions such as Confluence Hosted and JIRA Studio. They've announced that they are planning to open a data centre in Europe within the next 12 months. They didn't say much else.

No pics yet, sorry.

Contegix Website

5. Customware announce Salesforce Connector for Confluence

Our good friend Rob showed a Salesforce Connector which allows you to integrate Confluecne and Salesforce, even if your Confluence wiki is behind a firewall!

Customware website

6. Gliffy announce Gliffy Flowcharts 3.0 for Confluence

Debi, Chris and the Gliffy team totally rocked their presentation dressed as pirates for the launch of Gliffy 3.0 flowcharting plugin for Confluence.

Gliffy website

7. New Relic announce RPM monitoring tool

New Relic demoed their RPM tool which is a SaaS (software as a service) JVM monitoring tool. They've integrated it with JIRA so that tickets can be updated, etc.

No screen shots yet, sorry.

New Relic website

8. Kap IT announce Confluence FX Desktop client

Our good friends at KapIT announced the launch of their Confluence FX desktop client for Confluence. It's an Adobe AIR app (that runs on Windows and Mac computers) and allows you to monitor activity on Confluence and do searches direct from your desktop.

KapIT website - their website uses our Theme Builder pliugin, nice eh?

9. Near Infinity announce Mini Confluence plugin

Near Infinity had made an iPhone app for Confluence but now they've gone to the next level and created a Confluence plugin that provides mobile interfaces for all popular phones - it's really awesome!

Near Infinity website

10. Perforce share their Agile insights

Stephanie Turner from Perforce talked about features to allow mining data from your revision control system to help prepare for retrospectives and plan for future sprints.

11. StepStone announce Zen Foundation theme for Confluence

StepStone have announced their Zen Foundation plugin for Confluence. It's a theme plugin that allows you to customise how Confluence looks.

StepStone website

12. TaskDock announce latest version of TaskDock plugin for Confluence & JIRA

Our friend Erik presented the latest version of TaskDock plugin which allows you to create tasks within Confluence (eg. "Joe: update this page") and also synchronise them with JIRA tickets, which is pretty awesome!

You can find out more about TaskDock in the Adaptavist Newspaper.

TaskDock website

13. TM Software announce new release of Tempo Plugin for JIRA

TM Software announced the latest release of their Tempo plugin for JIRA - it allows you to do things like time sheets and other reporting directly from within JIRA. The latest release looks really nice!

TM Software website

And the prize for best presenter goes to...

Gliffy of course! Their pirates routine stole the show - great work Chris, Debi and the Gliffy team!!

This is why they won: Video of Gliffy's presentation.

You can find a case study and more information on Gliffy 3.0 in the Adaptavist Newspaper!

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