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Five tips for writing cleaner code (Gotta Script'em All blog series 2/6)

Welcome to post two of our six-part series Gotta Script'em All, where we explore the capabilities of Jira through a step-by-step guide to creating seamless integration links between Jira and other tools. In this post we provide five key tips for creating cleaner code and better software.

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Jira Service Desk data migration made easy with Project Configurator for Jira

We're excited to announce Project Configurator for Jira now includes comprehensive Jira Service Desk support, bringing the power of migration automation to your busy support and IT teams. 

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Best practice for JIRA fields (Part 2)Image

Best practice for JIRA fields (Part 2)

In our previous discussion of JIRA fields, we looked at the difference between Standard and Custom fields and suggested some tips and best practice for managing them.

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Avoiding problems with JIRA fields – Part 1Image

Avoiding problems with JIRA fields - Part 1

Whilst JIRA is an intuitive, user-friendly platform, development teams and administrators can sometimes get into difficulties simply by overlooking the fundamentals.

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