Creating Buttons and Rest End Points (Gotta Script'em All 1/6)

This is blog one of our six-part series Gotta Script'em All: Integrating Jira with xMatters. 

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script runner needs scriptrunner

Why Every Jira Admin Needs ScriptRunner

We're going bold with this one, but after reading this we know you will agree. With over 18,000 installations in the Atlassian Marketplace, there is a strong reason why ScriptRunner for Jira is so popular. It's officially a Jira administrator's best friend or better half, and I'll show you why.

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3 time saving tools3

3 Time-saving Tools Every Jira Admin Needs

Use ScriptRunner for Jira Server to save time. Here are 3 tools every Jira admin needs to know; switch user, copy a project, and view server log files.  

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cog stroll blog2

Automate your Jira maintenance using Scheduled Jobs in ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud

Scheduled Jobs are a mechanism for running code at specific times of day/week/month or on an interval, in order to perform some automated task in your Jira instance e.g. automatically creating issues or synchronising with an external system.

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escalation services2

Rise above your SLAs with the new Escalation Service feature for ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud

Every hour we need unassigned support requests to be assigned to one of our team so that we meet our SLAs.

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future of automation scriptrunner

Coming to a city near you: ScriptRunner presents Automating everything Atlassian

From startups to enterprises, staying competitive in 2018 is going to be a struggle. But teams on the bleeding edge are using automation to produce the highest level of productivity...

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high speed issue linking in Jira Service Desk2

Automate creating new linked issues in Jira Service Desk

In this blog we will look at how to quickly create a new linked Problem ticket based on the current Incident/Alert.

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automate jira admin tasks with scriptrunner escalation services 250x 1

How to customise and simplify Portfolio for Jira with ScriptRunner

Project portfolio management isn’t always easy but using ScriptRunner for Jira and Portfolio for Jira together can make this process seamless and efficient. Portfolio for Jira is a powerful tool that helps product managers to plan, track, and optimise their...

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automate jira admin tasks with scriptrunner escalation services 250x

Customise, automate, and streamline Jira Service Desk

ScriptRunner for Jira now has even deeper integration into Jira Service Desk (JSD). Your support and operations teams can speed up time-to-resolution and ensure optimal uptime by automating manual tasks.

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