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Forms for Confluence Server gets new ratings feature and two new matrices

Improve your form layout and get better feedback with three great new macros.

Power-up your polls, questionnaires, surveys, and forms with version 7.6.0 of Forms for Confluence Server. In this version we’re introducing the checkbox matrix, radio matrix and the star rating macro. These new features allow you to simplify, shorten and improve engagement with your forms.

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must see talks at Atlassian Summit 2017 in San Jose

5 must-see sessions at Atlassian Summit 2017 in San Jose

My colleagues often ask me for recommendations of what they should look out for when they go to Summit, especially those who haven’t been to Summit before. There’s a wide range of presentations on the agenda for Atlassian Summit 2017 in San Jose and the choice can be overwhelming at first.

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taking the work out of atlassian training

Taking the work out of Atlassian training

Adaptavist Learn is your source for Atlassian training at scale, and we’ve made it easy for you to get access. Joining a course is as easy as submitting the inquiry form at

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confluence automation with scriptrunner for confluence

Power to space admins: ScriptRunner for Confluence brings automation to the masses

Leaner processes and quicker turn-arounds with built-in scripts for space administrators. ScriptRunner for Confluence has been a life saver for Confluence admins that want to streamline process and automate manual tasks, but only the Confluence admins had access to the add-on’s powerful functionality. Until now.

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hack day innovation 2017 200x200

Zen and the art of Hack Day innovation

How the Adaptavist product team took a break to hack on some passion projects and create business value. Life in the Adaptavist products department is constantly moving, as teams work hard to provide the best and most innovative Atlassian add-ons.

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Help readers navigate and consume your content with the best Confluence macros

Three Content Formatting for Confluence macros that will improve your user experience. Confluence makes it easy to organise and collaborate on content, but there are times when the amount of content you have begins to look and feel unwieldy. Content Formatting for Confluence is a collection of 37 macros that help easily structure content in Confluence and enhance reader flow.

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scriptrunner logo jira cloud

Enhanced Search and Filters bring more power to searches in Jira Cloud

There has never been any doubt how critical search in Jira is. Searches and filters break down massive libraries of issues into manageable, organised chunks of information.

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adaptavist swag atlassian summit 2017

Learn and contribute at Atlassian Summit 2017

Less than two months to go till Atlassian Summit 2017! San Jose is once again the place to be, and we’re promised a fun and information packed ride.

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test management for JIRA 4 3

Test Management for Jira 4.3: new features driven by user feedback

We're always keen to learn how our customers use Test Management for Jira. The latest release, version 4.3, contains two major new features and a number of improvements driven by...

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