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Supercharge your Confluence searches with ScriptRunner

This post explains how you can optimize your search capabilities in Confluence to retrieve the content you need quickly and easily.  By harnessing the power of ScriptRunner for Confluence app you can access the right insights and knowledge you need, when you need it.

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Best practices for building effective, clutter-free, and scalable Confluence content: Part 2

This is a two-part blog written by Good Software and Adaptavist. To read Good Software’s blog on content maintenance, head over to their blog.

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How to access powerful, easy-to-use referencing in Confluence

For those of you who work in academia, education, law, or the sciences, the concept of referencing will be a familiar, and often painful, one.

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Control your spaces better with ScriptRunner for Confluence v5.2.0

Gain insights about what your Confluence spaces are made of with the new space statistics feature and take advantage of the improved copy page tree feature. In case you missed it, last month we launched built-in scripts for space admins.

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Loblaw Digital to showcase Adaptavist Test Management at EuroSTAR 2017

We’re very pleased to announce that Justin Watts from Loblaw Digital’s Test Engineering team will be presenting about his experience with Adaptavist Test Management at EuroSTAR 2017 in Copenhagen. EuroSTAR is Europe's largest and longest-running testing conference and our case study has won the Real Customer Case Studies Award at this year's event.

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Adaptavist Test Management now available for Jira Cloud

Testing and Quality Assurance is crucial to any software creation. Customers tend to get frustrated if their latest update or newest gadget doesn’t work, so developers and testers need to QA quickly and effectively. The good news is that the highest-rated test management app for Jira Server is now available for Jira Cloud.

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Working better with JIRA Workflows

Atlassian Jira has a lot of features to help you and your team work better together. There are several tools that simplify your work and processes including Jira Boards, Saved Filters, and Jira Workflows. Understanding how these features work will help you use them to their fullest.

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Improving your triage for better incident management in Jira

This is the second in a series of blogs aimed at making your incidents smoother, quicker and your customers more satisfied. We’ll bring you tips and best practice based upon real-world engagement with many users of both Jira Software and Jira Service Desk.

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Fast, easy Confluence forms with blueprints

Software Engineer Christo Mastoroudes explains how Forms for Confluence’s blueprints can help you quickly set up forms and get meaningful responses fast. What are blueprints? Hosting your forms and responses inside of Confluence makes them easier to create, store and view, but where do you start?

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