As Atlassian Enterprise Experts, we provide solutions to help enterprises successfully integrate and collaborate using Atlassian Confluence.

Confluence Installation

Adaptavist has years of experience in all aspects of configuring, customising, tuning and maintaining Atlassian products in line with best practice. We help organisations get the most out of Confluence.

Our specialists are experts at debugging, profiling and diagnosis of a vast range of common problems and also issues that may be unique to a given organisation and its particular use of Atlassian products.

We have been an Atlassian Partner and an Atlassian Premier Partner since the beginning of both schemes, and have extensive contacts within Atlassian. We are also a respected leader in the Atlassian eco-system and organise the world's largest Atlassian User Group, so we do not just know about the products but we also understand how people want to use them, and the problems that they encounter on a day-to-day basis.

Consultative approach to Confluence installation

We are a very adaptable company and, above all, we have learnt that the best way to interact with a client is to work in the manner to which they are most accustomed. We are happy to assist with our clients' adoption of new business processes, such as Agile methodologies or Social Engagement, but we are equally at home working within a prescribed in-house or industry framework.

User Interface, Content Structuring, Application Usage

This form of consultancy is designed for customers who have customised their implementation (e.g. with a custom theme, content templates, etc.) and then experience problems with maintainability and stability due to technical and/or application usage issues.

In many cases, the key objectives of this service are to:

  • Remove vendor lock-in
  • Ensure theme-level customisations are maintainable
  • Simplify long-term maintenance of the platform, and make it easier to upgrade
  • Identify performance issues caused by frequently-accessed content
  • Help with using macros to get the desired layout and information on your implementation

Business Strategy, Adoption and Change Management

If you are having problems with adoption, or with resulting change management, we have experts that have worked at all levels in all types of organisations (public, defence, commercial, finance, etc.) to get you the best value out of your Atlassian deployment.

Systems Analysis, Technical Debugging and Development

Adaptavist can quickly track down complex technical problems and solve as many of them as possible within the allocated time or deliver strategies for solving larger or longer-term issues.

Adaptavist can also provide system Health Checks, to quickly identify many common issues and advise how to solve them, either working closely with in-house resource or providing a fully outsourced service.