plugins large themebuilder white 200x ThemeBuilder for Confluence

Get advanced control over the layout and look-and-feel of your Confluence web site.

Advanced control over your Confluence layout

Confluence ThemeBuilder 5 provides:

  • Nested panels based on HTML DIV elements, for enhanced flexibility of page structure.
  • Storage format compatible; write macros and HTML directly into the panel editor.
  • Wiki Markup option for conversion of existing themes.
  • Exporter feature to assist conversion of existing themes to work with Confluence 5.
  • Code base that matches the HTML5 standards used in Confluence 5.

ThemeBuilder 5 is a powerful tool with the ability to fully customise the output of your Confluence pages. To get the most out of it, you’ll need some web design or development experience, including knowledge of HTML/CSS.

To see how ThemeBuilder 5 gives you the freedom to theme Confluence, watch our ThemeBuilder webinar recording.