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The Create Page macro helps users to create pages in the right place, with the right template and correctly formatted page title.

Features and Benefits

The create-page macro prompts a user for a name and then creates a new page with that name based on a Confluence template you specify.

This allows your end users to be able to create pages, in a format specified by you, whilst bypassing the usual “Add page” screen.

It’s the perfect complement to the Scaffolding Add-On as the user is taken directly to the editable view of the page, meaning they can then immediately fill in the fields provided by the template.

  • Predefine the parent page – Change the parent page and space, so your new pages are where you want them to be.
  • Specify a template – Specify the Confluence template or Scaffolding Add-On boilerplate you want the new page to use.
  • Pre/post fix page titles – Add a prefix or postfix to the user specified page title, to conform to your naming convention, such as adding by text, dates or numbers.
  • Customise – Customise the link and prompt shown to the user when adding the new page to make it relevant to your specific use-case.

Example use-cases:

  • You want users to create meeting reports as child pages of a “Meetings” page, where all reports should start with “Meeting” followed by the date, and use a “Minutes” page template.
  • Create a “wizard” that guides the user through the process of creating a page, allowing you to predefine where the page should go, what the text should appear at the start and end of the title and what template, if any, to use on the new page.

Powered by ScriptRunner for Confluence

Create Page works when you have ScriptRunner for Confluence installed in your Confluence instance. Not only does it give you access to the Create Page functionality but you can extend, integrate and enhance it with the power of ScriptRunner.