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Enterprise-grade test management, fully integrated with Jira

Created and extended to meet the needs of testers and test managers, Adaptavist Test Management is the Enterprise-grade test solution for Jira. Seamlessly integrated into the Jira user interface, it’s flexible, intuitive and powerful. There’s no need to switch between environments, you can do everything right inside Jira.

Adaptavist Test Management gives you a single view of your test management so you can quickly and responsively make informed decisions. It’s backed by our stellar support and a focused, responsive development team. That’s why it’s the most highly-rated test management solution for Jira. Find out what our customers think.

Watch the eighty-second video overview of Adaptavist Test Management and find out more.

Flexible, intuitive, productive

Built for speed and constantly improved to meet the needs of Enterprise Jira users, you can organise test cases into libraries to re-use and re-purpose across projects releases and sprints. What’s more, everything is logged for audit, compliance and regulatory purposes.

Fast and integrated with Jira

It’s your testing control centre. Tightly integrated with the Jirauser interface, it lets you get clear traceability between issues, test cases, runs and plans. There’s no need for testers, test managers or dev teams to mode switch between Jira and your testing software, it’s all visible and manageable in Jira.

Powerful, shareable reporting – for everyone

Integration with Jira makes results, progress and issues highly visible and trackable. You get real-time insights into test processes with powerful out-of-the-box reports and live stats are accessible to your entire team.

Import, re-use and customise

You can easily import test cases from Excel or CSV as well as from legacy test management tools.

Customer commitment and stellar support

Adaptavist Test Management is the most highly-rated solution for managing your testing process in Jira. We’re driven by our customers and maintain an aggressive development cycle to ensure we keep building and improving features that help you and your team. Find out what our customers think here.

REST API included as standard

You can integrate any automated testing tool with Adaptavist Test Management via the REST API which is included free. It means that you can retrieve tests for execution and programmatically update results as well as connect your continuous integration tools.